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New Times SLO Article

Hurry to SLO Brew
By Glen Starkey

Known for their breezy California jammin’ sound and relentless national touring schedule, local act Still Time can now add “do-gooders” to their list of achievements. The band’s been working with Meals for Moms, a SLO-based community collaborative, which partners with local organizations and businesses to provide dinners for low-income, single-mother families. They’re also hot off a national tour, recently played the West Beach Festival, and have been hiding out in a guesthouse in the Santa Cruz Mountains writing songs for their third album. They also recently added saxophonist Ryan Mosse to their line-up, which, if I count correctly, is now seven strong. See them with Mosse on Friday, Oct. 22 (7:30 p.m.; 21-and-older; $12 presale or $15 at the door). Central Currency will open the show.

Mustang Daily Article

Still Time to perform at SLO Brewing Co. Friday

Funk-rock band Still Time, which formed in San Luis Obispo, will perfrom at SLO Brewing Co. Friday after a four-month national tour. Photo courtesy of Bryan Fong

After a four-month national tour, Still Time is back in town.

The groovy funk-rock band that formed in San Luis Obispo in 2004, will play at the newly-renovated SLO Brewing Co. on Friday night to a full house of their biggest fans.

Eight people cooped up in an RV headed cross-country, the band spread its sound in states such as New York, Texas and Louisiana. Lead singer Dan Curcio said one of his favorite spots is New Orleans.

“They showed us a really good time,” Curcio said. “We had this guy — Antonio — a trumpet player from Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington and the Roadmasters and he was this incredible trumpet player and he came up every night and played with us. It’s just a really cool and open music culture.”

Another highlight was playing at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, featuring acts such as She & Him and Rogue Wave.

“We did some good networking and they liked the music,” Curcio said.

Although the band got off the road in the beginning of the summer, the clock hasn’t slowed. Between juggling finances, starting a non-profit organization and working on a new album to tentatively be released next year, Still Time isn’t stopping the momentum.

“We’re getting back on our feet for a strong push coming up,” Curcio said.

Most recently, the band spent time in the mountains of Santa Cruz and started working on a few songs. However, the band members are giving themselves time to develop their sound and create a more cohesive album — something Curcio said they have been hesitant about doing until now.

“We feel we need to hook people who know nothing about us yet,” Curcio said. “I think in the past we’ve maybe been afraid of looking at it like that, but we are just kind of keeping that in mind and knowing that we have to get this thing moving forward.”

The band has also explored expanding its circle with saxophonist Ryan Mosse who has been featured in songs and helped with the sound mechanics. Curcio, who’d seen Mosse playing gigs around town, roomed with him when he moved to Shell Beach.

“I’d seen him around, playing jazz gigs, so it was random that he became my roommate,” Curcio said. “We started having him jam here and there, and it’s worked out recently that he was able to join the crew.”

Mosse said he’s enjoyed the environment the band creates on stage.

“It’s a lot of fun because the high energy is connected between all the guys on stage,” he said. “It makes a really fun environment to jam and play.”

The momentum doesn’t stop at Mosse. Guitarist Nick Bilich has been working on community-based collaborative Meals for Moms to provide meals for single mothers and their children once a month.

Bilich said he was inspired to start the organization after a volunteer trip to Rwanda in 2007. One of the activities his group helped with was an AIDS support group. The volunteers provided lunch for the attendees and listened to their stories.

About 90 percent of the attendees were single mothers with four to five children, Bilich said.

“We would talk to these people and hear their stories and their histories,” Bilich said. “And some of them had AIDS, some of their husbands had AIDS, some of their husbands had left, some had been raped. To see them totally stepping up to the plate to really make ends meet while only having 20 percent of the resources of anybody in the U.S. was one of those experiences where you leave and you’re just like, ‘Wow.’”

After the trip, while sitting in Sally Lou’s, the light bulb turned on.

“I was reading over this passage and remembered the Rwanda trip and thought we could totally team up with local restaurants and feed single mother families,” Bilich said

After getting such a strong initial response from the community, the band wanted to start the organization to get involved in the community, Bilich said.

“The hope is to raise an awareness that it doesn’t take a lot to make a difference,” Bilich said.

Although the kick-off date for the organization was scheduled for October, Bilich realized time was tight between the candid project and the band.

For now the band will work on getting local restaurants on board.

“Trying to find the time and resources and connect with the people you need to connect with — it’s kind of a job in itself,” Bilich said.

Despite full plates, the band is still excited to return to its birthing ground – SLO Brewing Co. The band is using this opportunity to test out a new song, which will give the audience a good idea of the band’s new direction, Curcio said.

“The thing I’m looking forward to most is this song that we don’t even have a title for yet,” Curcio said. “I’m really looking forward to the fans’ response to this song. It’s kind of the sound I think we’ll be going for.”

Mosse will play a few songs with the group and is looking forward to the packed and rowdy crowd, he said.

“They throw a lot of energy at us on stage and we kind of reciprocate and give it back,” Mosse said.

Doors for the 21 and older show open at 7:30 p.m. and openers ZuhG and Central Currency begin at 8 p.m. Pre-sale tickets are available for $12 at Boo Boo Records or and are $15 at the door.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Plans for the Future

Interview with Still Time

After their amazing set at this year’s West Beach Festival we met up with San Luis Obispo’s own Still Time to discuss their music and future plans us about your start in San Luis Obispo, and your ties to the Central Coast

Dan Curcio: Well, there are currently seven of us and we all pretty much met at Cal Poly. We’re from all over California. I met Haircut, our Guitar player in the dorms, he was two doors down from me. When we were walking in, the first day of College, parent’s day, my dad sees this guy and says “There you go, there’s your Guitar player.” As soon as I went to College my goal was to start a band. Anyways’ he has all these Rammstein, Tool and Heavy Metal band stickers on his pedal board and I was thinking, I don’t know because at that point I was pretty much a singer-songwriter kind of guy. I finally ended up going over to his room a few weeks into school and asked him if he wanted to jam on Acoustic. I think an Acoustic Guitar to him at that point was definitely a new thing, he was a Heavy Metal guy (Laughs), and so it kinda worked out, we started jamming, doing our thing and met piece by piece over the course of a couple years to where we have the seven of us now What dorm were you living in at the time?

Dan Curcio: It was at Sierra Madre dorm Describe your live show for someone who has not seen you

Dan Curcio: A lot of variety and a ton of energy, positive energy bringing people together. I think it’s one of those things where…hopefully what we want to do with our music is have it be something that’s appealing to 16 and 17 year olds but also 40 and 50 year olds and everything in-between as well. Our favorite shows are at The Cliffs (Shell Beach), where literally there’s new born babies and 90 year olds and everywhere in-between, we love playing to diverse crowds. You have played numerous shows and have shared the stage

with many diverse acts, (Pepper, Ziggy Marley, UB40) do any shows stand out for you personally?

Dan Curcio: For me it was last year here at the West Beach Festival. We played before Ben Harper on the main stage. He’s my idol, I love Ben Harper. That was a huge one for me

John: There is a lot of them, but one of them for me is when we played up in Avila Beach with Robert Randolph and the Family band. They just ripped it up. They had the same thing we’re going for with the energy and changing it up every time but bringing it every time. Just watching them was pretty awesome Tell us about your current CD “See America”, which was released last year (May 2009)

Dan Curcio: We went more bluesy on that one with T-Bone on board with the Harmonica so we have a little more Blues thing happening on that record than the first one but it also has a variety and mix. We’re actually working on a third record right now, we’ve been home from this National Tour and trying to get down to writing some new songs. But yeah “See America” is basically another step towards defining our sound. With 2010 coming to a close soon, what are your plans for the rest of 2010 and goals for 2011?

Dan Curcio: At this point for us it’s about being financially stable as a band and keeping the business thing going in the right direction so we can do this for a living. With this next record we hope it’s a very soulful and inspiring record. I think it might be us recording ourselves, which is kind of exciting and a bit of an adventure also.

John: Whenwe recorded the last one “See America”, we tried to get that live energy so we recorded it at Downtown Brew (in San Luis Obispo), which is the place where we play a lot of our live shows. We kinda got that with that one but with this one I think we’re talking about doing it ourselves just to not feel rushed like we have. Just to take the time to get every song perfect and right, so we can come back and add this to that song, come back to it when we’re feeling it and just make it an awesome, flowing, feel good record that we’re all really happy with

Dan Curcio:Ithink the environment that we record in is really important to us too. Like on the last record we also recorded at a mansion in San Francisco with really nice hardwood floors, there was incredible acoustics in this place. So for this next one I definitely want to find some new spots that inspire. It’s cool to be able to record in a spot that you feel inspired, and not some sterile, bland recording studio Final words for your fans?

Dan Curcio: I think one of the biggest things is to keep supporting us. We play a decent amount on the Central Coast to make sure that we can pay our bills and do this for a living but we really are trying to make it to the next level and be able to do this on a big scale for a living, and we’re really getting there but we just really need the continued support at this point. It’s a really critical point for us to kinda get over that hump, so just keep coming out to the shows, please keep supporting us and look into our new music coming out soon

John: Keep bringing the energy that they bring right now and we’ll do the same. They’re inspiring us

Dan Curcio: San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast is the coolest place on the planet as far as we’re concerned, so we’re very blessed to be living there

Please Visit:

Very Special Thanks: Stephanie Ramirez

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Santa Cruz Mountains Day 1

We wanted to keep our fans in the loop as we're writing new music in the mountains of Santa Cruz. Check out this little chorus melody we're working on. More videos coming soon...

Video by:

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Blog From Pablo

TuneGroove #2: Marvin Gaye "What's Goin' On"

I started working on this bass line again when we got back from tour, and have realized even more since traveling the country what an amazing song this is. Here's a few thoughts I have on the recording itself. I love the alternate percussion congas, they are an essential part of the groove on this track. I love all of the background party vocal tracks, gives it a really laid back vibe. Great use of auxiliary instruments as well like vibes and strings. I recommend this whole album, unlike other Motown songs which are single based this album works as a whole and has an amazing vision, concept, and message behind it. Now to that bass line...

To read more from Pablo's blog post and follow him on CLICK HERE

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Blog From Haircut

Mt. Whitney - Oh Yeah

Since I was about 15 years old I had wanted to summit Mt. Whitney - the highest elevation in the contiguous U.S. at 14,497 ft. and this past week our new Sax player Ryan and I made it happen...
We started our trek on Sunday camping at the Whitney Portal campground, where black bears were running through our campsite trying to get our leftover pizza. Luckily Ryan fended them off with his shear size and grit. Monday morning we scored a fre
e pass at the Ranger Station and WAG Bags (Bags you get to poo in and then carry out.... fun!) and a bear can to store our massive amount of food. Of course we packed way too much stuff and my pack ended up weighing 68 pounds, but we headed out Monday morning ready to power through the thousands of feet of elevation gain regardless of anything...

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Still Time is Hot

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Help us Promote our Slim's Show

Help us promote our show at Slim's on Aug. 20th! If you live in SF download this handbill, print it, copy it and post at coffee shops, record stores, newsstands, cop cars, baby carriages, etc. Post pictures on the Still Time fan page of where you put the handbills and the best one gets a free Still Time merch item of their choice!

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Fan Art Blog #1

This will be the first in an ongoing series of blog posts where the content is made up purely of art our fans send us. This is from a recent show in Kirkland, WA, these photos are by Jeff Heinz that he sent us in an email so we decided to throw them up on our blog. So if you have any photos, live recordings, videos, paintings, etc. that are about Still Time, inspired by, or just something artistic that you want to share with the Still Time community please send it to and we'll post it here!

I totally experienced one of those moments last Thursday evening, ( Aug 5th 2010) that just makes you feel really glad you were, where you were. My wife and I were heading down to the Kirkland Summer Concert Series at Marina Park in Kirkland and to be honest, I couldn’t even remember the name of the band that was going to be playing. As usual, I had some camera gear with me, but this night I actually brought a long lens (70-200 f2.8) and my mono-pod so I could sit on the hill and get some closer shots. So with a big towel laid out we sat and listened as the band was just getting started. I was just grabbing some shots of the band from about 100 feet away and we were really digging the sound of these guys.

Still Time is a band from San Luis Obispo California, and these guys were gettin it done for Kirkland! It wasn’t long into their set when I told my wife… “After their break I gotta get down closer and capture some of this, in the way I am hearing and feeling it.”

By the time they started playing their second set, it must have been close to 8pm, and I had lost almost all the light that was going to make it possible to shoot them with that long lens, or at least that was my first thought. I knew as soon as I stared shooting in that low, late evening light, that the shots I was getting were exactly how I was feeling the music. This, my friends, is another one of those moments that is pretty freakin cool!

I ran the ISO up to 800 or even 1600 on some shots and was shooting wide open (f2.8). I was not looking at many of the shots on the display at this point, as I did not want to take my eye out of the viewfinder, it was just too good of a show!

To sum this up, I am going to be buying both albums from Still Time and if you are a local and you are not coming out to the concerts….. you are seriously missing out on some fantastic music!

Like what you see? Check out Jeff's photography website here:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

You think you got what it takes to be a member of Still Time?

We are also very excited to be introducing the newest member of Still Time Ryan Mosse on the saxophone. For those of you who have our first album Stream of Consciousness, he is the sax player on Power of Now, 9 to 5, and People See. We put him through a grueling training regimen in preparation for our show at Slim's on Aug. 20th, but we think he is ready. Watch the video below to see for yourself:

Still Time headlines Slim's!

We are very excited to announce that Still Time will be headlining, for the first time, Slim's in San Francisco on August 20th! This is a huge show for us, it is the biggest ALL AGES venue we've ever headlined. So we need all of your support to make this show a success.

Buy advance tickets here:

If you are at all interested in helping us promote this show please send an email here: Whether it's putting up posters in SF, passing out handbills, etc. we could really use your help. Even if you don't have time to do any of those things, rallying your friends and family would be a huge help to us as well. We're very excited for this show and we hope to see you all there!


Still Time

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See America Video Blog - Chapter 11

A short montage of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts

See America Video Blog Chapter 12

The 2nd part of our tour in the Great Northeast

Monday, June 14, 2010

Still Time at the Summer Solstice Reggae Festival

After 4 months on the road we can't wait to party down with all of our friends in SLO this Sunday, June 20th, at The Summer Solstice Reggae Festival. Enter the promontion code "Stilltime" when you buy tickets on and save $5:

Idaho Mountain Express Article

Caught in Still Time

Express Staff Writer

Funky with a slightly jam-band influence, the California band Still Time has made Ketchum, Idaho, a much-anticipated date on its three-month tour of North America. The band members met in the dorms at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo in 2002, and in 2010 have dedicated themselves to pursuing their dream.

"We love what we are doing," said Still Time's lead vocalist, Dan Curcio. "We call ourselves eclectic groove rock because we come from all types of different musical backgrounds."

Still Time musicians Chris Arntzen and Nick Bilich on guitar, bassist Paul Smith-Stewart, drummer John Vucinich and harmonica player T-Bone Steak along with Curcio all contribute to creating the band's signature sound.

"We all write as a group," Curcio said. "We come up with the music while in a jam session and write lyrics over the music, which turns into songs. It's a fun way to create music and allows us to have a variety of songs."

Still Time is influenced by a lot of '60s and '70s musicians and bands including Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, James Brown, the Grateful Dead, Ben Harper, Phish, Dave Matthews, Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Still Time has been garnering recognition especially with its song "High Tide," which Curcio said has done very well and was a No. 1 radio hit in California for seven weeks.

"As a group goal we would like to get to the point of bands such as Dispatch or Ben Harper who are commercially successful but not total sellouts," Curcio said.

Still Time has also been savvy about its promotion with an update video journal on its website chronicling its tour across country.

"We want to keep fans back home in the know of what we are doing," Curcio said.

Still Time will play a show at Whiskey Jacques' in Ketchum on Friday, June 11 at 10 p.m. Tickets are $5 at the door and the band will have CDs and other merchandise for sale at the show.

-Sabina Dana Plasse

San Angelo, TX Standard-Times Article

House of Fifi Dubois, rock band a good fit

BECCA NELSON SANKEY Special to the Standard-Times

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The downtown San Angelo shop House of Fifi Dubois and California groove-rock band Still Time are an unexpectedly appropriate match.

Still Time discovered its connection to San Angeloans last March, during a stop on their monthslong tour at Fiddlestrings Sports Bar and House of Fifi Dubois. They’ll return tonight for two performances at the latter venue.

San Angelo “is the place we had the best time and met the best people,” said lead singer Dan Curcio. “The thing is, we didn’t expect it at all. We didn’t know anything about San Angelo. We didn’t think it was going to be one of the best places out of a four-month tour.”

Still Time began making its mark on the music scene in 2004 playing in San Luis Obispo, Calif., music venues frequented by college students, according to the band’s website. They started touring the West Coast in 2006 and released their first album, “Stream of Consciousness,” the following year. “High Tide,” the single from that record, was No. 1 on St. Luis Obispo radio station New Rock 107.3 for more than seven weeks.

With the band’s second album — 2009’s “See America” — Still Time maintains its can’t-be-pigeonholed sound, described on its website as vocals and a blend of instruments reminiscent of artists such as Ben Harper, Van Morrison and Dave Matthews Band.

The tinge of vintage in the band’s music makes it a perfect fit for House of Fifi, said Toni Hunter, the downtown shop’s co-owner.

House of Fifi offers vintage furniture, d├ęcor items and clothing, as well as a large area for live music performances and intimate, comfortable seating for guests.

“The band has a really neat kind of old soul sense about them — Van Morrison mixed in with a little of the new, and that fit our venue,” Hunter said.

House of Fifi opened about two and a half years ago, Hunter said, and began offering the occasional live show about a year and a half ago.

“We maybe do two or three (shows) a month,” Hunter said. “We look for people that are interesting, that give San Angelo a little something different.”

And Still Time is a band that prides itself on offering listeners a unique sound — even if it’s just from one track to the next, Curcio said.

“We’re tired of music where, when you buy an album, every song sounds exactly the same,” he said. “We’re wanting our songs to be completely different” from each other.

In an effort to capture different emotions for each song, Curcio did much of his songwriting for “See America” in unexpected places everywhere from an empty mansion to an abandoned boxcar.

“I spend a lot of time and thought on the lyrics, and I think it connects well with a lot of different people,” Curcio said. “It’s one of the common threads throughout the songs that give it a unique style.”

San Angelo, for its part, seemed to enjoy that eclectic style the last time Still Time visited.

“We had the (Downtown San Angelo) Art Walk the night they were here,” Hunter said. “People would just come in and sit and go, ‘Wow.’”

Monday, May 10, 2010

See America Tour Blog - Chapter 10

A patriotic and educational excursion to Gettysburg and Washington DC.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Charleston Scene Article

Still Time has a little something for everyone
By Samantha Test

With its laid-back and upbeat sound, Still Time seems like a perfect match for the Lowcountry.

On a first national tour for its second album, "See America," the band will make its Holy City debut Tuesday night at The Pour House.

The up-and-comers out of California describe their music as groove rock; mixing blues, rock, jazz and funk. Influences include Ben Harper, Dave Matthews and Van Morrison.

The band says that fans can expect a positive and happy experience at the shows.

"What we try to do is just kind of bring random groups of people together to enjoy a positive and high energy kind of show," said Dan Curcio (vocals, guitar), on the phone from New Orleans.

"It's mainly about the positivity. We love so much what we're doing and it comes through in our show."

He'll be joined by bandmates Chris "Haircut" Arntzen (guitar), Nick Bilich (guitar), Paul Smith-Stewart (bass), John Vucinich (drums) and T-Bone Steak (harmonica). The guys and their songs are no strangers to the mandolin, slide guitar and upright bass, either.

"We have people come out that are heavy-metal fans. We've even opened for some metal acts, but it works," Curico said. "If you like a different style, you can still like what we're doing."

As a testament to their versatility, Still Time has shared the stage with Jason Mraz, G. Love and Special Sauce, Michael Franti, Spearhead, Ziggy Marley, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, UB40 and Robert Randolph.

"We're for fans that appreciate honest and genuine kind of music. I've heard Charleston has that kind of scene," said Curcio.

"We're for people who want to come together and have a good time and hear new, unique music."

After conquering its first scene at San Luis Obispo, Calif., Still Time toured the West Coast with its first album, "Stream of Consciousness" (2007). The new album and tour is a 65-date national circuit.

Wherever they go, though, just be sure to keep an eye on bassist Smith-Stewart. He tends to wander during shows: anywhere from the bar at a local venue to the balcony at the South by Southwest music festival.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Still Time See America Tour Blog - Chapter 1

Line Up Magazine Article

Still Time: Fresh California Groove-Rock

Written by Line Up Media

With so many rock music fans craving a more meaningful and deeper connection than what they can find on the radio, music fans are always on the lookout for the next authentic and soulful band to burst onto the scene. Still Time is spreading their message and their California, eclectic groove-rock sound on their first national, 65-city, “See America” tour.

With their high energy set and positive lyrics, the band has shared the stage with artists such as Ben Harper, Jason Mraz, G. Love and Special Sauce, Michael Franti & Spearhead etc, and play a unique blend of rock, reggae, funk, and blues that is often compared to artists such as Van Morrison, Ben Harper, and Blues Traveler. While Still Time’s credo is good time music and a party friendly message, the band as individuals and the music have evolved a bit past the partying to a deeper place. “The cool thing about our shows is that our fans know how to party and yet are deeply connected to the meanings behind our songs – this awareness leads to a sort of celebration of life that we’ve hoped to create from the days we started writing music,” said lead singer, Dan Curcio. Still Time members are Dan Curcio (vocals), Chris (Haircut) Arntzen (guitar), Nick Bilich (guitar), Paul Smith-Stewart (bass), John Vucinich (drums), and T-Bone Steak (harmonica).

This celebration of life resonates throughout Still Time’s first and second self-released and critically acclaimed albums – it’s what keeps the band so close and what has made their grassroots effort such a success. They have built everything together – from funding their first album by digging up gold coins T-Bone buried in his backyard years before, to working and living together in a yurt and converted barn on the California coast, to taking driving shifts in their cross-country tour across the U.S. in a used 1993 R.V.
“It’s been a ton of work getting this tour together ourselves between booking and promoting the shows, preparing and fixing the RV, etc. but we enjoy doing the work ourselves and I think we’re appreciating the experience that much more since we have worked so hard for this. The response and energy from the crowds of brand new fans so far on this tour has been incredible and has made everything well worth it.”

For a lot of cities on the tour, Still Time is playing to some people in the audience who have never heard them before, and while on week three of their 130 day tour, Still Time caught the ear of 30 year radio veteran, Terry Hucks, General Manager of 106.1 MDX in San Angelo, Texas. “I’ve not seen a band in a long time connect with and entertain an audience like Still Time”, said Hucks. “By the end of each show they seem to excite and refresh a new group of music fans”, says Publicist, Stephanie Ramirez. “At their last show at SXSW, Paul (bassist) climbed up on a balcony over-looking the crowd and played for a couple of songs. So you really never know what to expect.” Come out and sing and dance with Still Time.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Live music review: Still Time from San Luis Obispo brings the party to SXSW

Still Time Bassist jams in the front row
Greg Ackerman

During the raucous SxSW mess that 6th Street became last week, Austin Concerts Examiner stumbled upon a band (isn't that what Sx is supposed to be about?) that put on an entertaining live show and were pretty darn good musicians to boot. Still Time from San Luis Obispo (Central CA) played a set of jammy rock/blues tunes at Flamingo Cantina that brought to mind Blues Traveler and Phish, but with a laid-back California vibe mixed in. They were good.

Hard Proof Afrobeat had played a rousing a set earlier and several people encouraged fans to stay for Still Time who turned out to be quite an act. The show was sponsored by OrigAudio, a company that makes foldable speakers.

Still Time finished their set, which included their bassist jumping off the stage and landing in the front row (guitar and all) and continuing his solo. He also surprised his bandmates by turning up on the patio up behind the Flamingo stage in the middle of a song.

Afterwards, Examiner caught up with vocalist, Dan and guitarist, Haircut, who looked like Jeff Spiccoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, reincarnated. They talked about touring with 8 others in an RV, playing 60 dates nationwide in a little over 3 months. A grueling schedule for any band let alone one embarking on their first big tour.

Even at the epicenter of hipsterville, SxSW in Austin, Still Time generated a buzz with the crowd and several fans gathered at their merchandise table after the show, buying CDs and OrigAudio Speakers. Still Time continued their tour, playing San Antonio the next night. As their publiscist, Stephanie Ramirez remarked, "It's been crazy touring around with 8 others in an RV but really fun too." Dan said the band had been getting good audience responses almost everywhere they have played. We can believe that.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Sail Inn in Tempe Recap

We’re driving through the desert right now on our way to Tucson, AZ for a little barbecue with some friends and had an incredible time the last couple days in Tempe. Our show at the Sail Inn was really incredible and a great night of music with Tempe bands Dry River Yacht Club and Black Carl (check them out). It was awesome to see a group of 200+ people who had never heard of us before dancing, singing, and really enjoying our set. It was definitely encouraging for the first show in a brand new city for us on this tour to see all the new faces appreciating the music. Everyone we met were extremely kind and we got a bunch of offers for places to stay, shower, etc. which is also encouraging. The next day we split up and had an awesome time in Scottsdale, AZ. Half of us tried to go to the Giants – A’s spring training game at Scottsdale Stadium, but it was sold out when we got there.

Fortunately, we came across a stretch golf cart that drove us to a local bar called Giligan’s where we met and partied with a cool group of dudes from St. Louis, MO. The bar had a FL bayou feel to it and we got way too much alcohol for the amount we paid which is always sweet. T-Bone, Pablo, and our buddy Mike from Origaudio all went to play frisbee golf at a course in Scottsdale and Bone barely missed a casual hole in one (he used to be a semi-pro frisbee golfer and member of the PDGA Card #22047). After debauchery throughout Scottsdale and an epic high five contest (we dished out thousands of high fives throughout Old Town) we all met up and barbecued at our new friend Nichole’s house in Tempe and continued to dabble in B minus and Catch Phrase. It was an awesome day off and now we got a couple more here before St. Patty’s in San Angelo, TX. On to Tucson for some more AZ marination and we’ll check back in before the St. Patty’s bonanza!

Stay tuned for our Monthly Tour Video Blog with footage of all of these random shinanigans and shows!

Until then....
Video clips of the shows etc. available at:

Friday, March 12, 2010

LA Recap

Spring Forward Tour stop in Los Angeles, California at The Mint.

Jamming at The Mint, and Saying Goodbye to Cali

Our show last night at The Mint in Hollywood was a pretty big milestone for us, in large part because of the rich history of the venue. The Mint has been open since 1937, and although it’s a relatively small room, it’s had it’s fair share of big artists. The walls are lined with signed pictures of Ben Harper, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder—loads of famous musicians that jammed there when they were up and coming. Apparently Ben Harper was discovered at The Mint, so it was pretty cool playing at the place where one of our major influences made it big. The vibe of our set reminded me of some of the festival crowds we’ve played to in the past—everyone was really digging the tunes, dancing, and singing along. We met a bunch of new people who hadn’t seen us before—one guy in particular came up right after the set and was commenting on some of the future venues we’ll be playing. I asked him if he’d seen us before (I thought he’d definitely been a fan for awhile because he knew so much), but he said, “Nope, first time I’ve heard you guys and I love the music!!” It’s definitely those moments that make you happy—when you see someone really positively effected by the music. The band we played with was Great American Taxi, fronted by Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon. They rocked it with some amazing jams, and Vince plays mandolin like it’s his third arm or something. Headed out in the RV, which has bullhorns on it now (thanks Haircut!), to jam at Gallagher’s in San Diego. It’s our last show in California until June, so we’re going to make this is one heck of a night. Talk to you soon!


Live action at the Mint

The RV is now complete

Day Off

Hello from San Luis Obispo!! The band is back home for a few days, getting some much needed rest, and working to make our RV roadworthy. Apparently the floor was caving in and rubbing against one of the tires. Not a good situation for our safety.

So the last few shows were ridiculous. Ps—just to let you guys know, the trend so far has been that every show turns out to be pretty epic. Who knows what the rest of the tour is going to be like, but it’s been really cool to see such positive reactions from a lot of new fans. We can’t wait to head east, and spread the tunes in some uncharted territories!

Two more shows in California this week, The Mint in LA, and Gallaghers in San Diego, and then we’re off to Arizona and beyond!! See you guys soon!

Hugs and High Fives,

Still Time

Weekend in the Bay Area

A little quick recap action of the past weekend in the bay area

Santa Clara – March 4th @ The Grove

Every once in a while the college lifestyle comes back in full force and someone (uh hem Haircut) goes a little extreme. Now we are all former college students (used to live in a doublewide on the 101 freeway) and a band on the road so cheap kegs, trashed couches, and cold pizza are nothing new to us, but Santa Clara has their own brand of college partying that takes us Still Time boys right back to our roots. While our credo is good time music and a party friendly message, the band as individuals and the music have evolved a bit past the partying to a little deeper place. The cool thing about our Santa Clara shows is these guys and girls know how to party and yet are deeply connected to the meanings behind our songs–this awareness leads to a sort of celebration of life that we’ve hoped to create from the days we started writing music. It’s an incredibly fun atmosphere to be a part of and the response we got form the crowd on this night in Santa Clara was unreal.

Haircut trying to recover from Santa Clara in the RV

SF – March 6th @ Maggie McGarry’s

Speaking of college days, the majority of our graduated fans out of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, who’ve been with us since our beginnings, now live in the Bay Area. This works out beautifully for us as we’re 3/4 NorCal boys and SF feels like home (as much as any city can feel like home.) When you’re in the city there’s something about SF that makes you feel like absolutely anything is possible that night. On this evening, (March 6th in North Beach) we had a great mix of old and new fans — great family and friends we’ve known for years and new fans seeing us for the first time. The vibe and energy of the crowd was amazing and it was clear how much our fans care about us and wish the best for us on this tour and beyond. We somehow fit over 300 people in the small North Beach bar and had 100+ in line waiting for over an hour for the chance to get in the door. Definitely another incredible night in the city — we love ya SF and can’t wait to see you in June!

Ironic sign in North Beach…

Santa Clara

Greeting again from the road! So Still Time is in Santa Clara, California right now, preparing for what we’re all anticipating will be one of the most ridiculous college parties we’ve ever played. After being parked for five minutes, we already had ten or fifteen people walk by and say, “Oh my God, it’s the band! We’re definitely skipping class to come see the show!”

We just drove twelve hours straight from our gig last night in Eugene, OR, which ended around 12am. The show in Eugene was awesome—the entire set had really great energy, and John definitely did one of the sweetest “9 to 5” drum solos of the tour. We got into Santa Clara around 1pm, after experiencing almost 12 hours of epic I-5 scenery (it was foggy the whole drive), some Amos Lee and Van Morrison, and last but not least…some McDonalds sausage McMuffins (really yummy, but note to self…these are not good for our tour manager Jill’s tummy. This we found out too late, but that’s a whole other story all together).

The show starts at 6pm tonight, and the band is just sitting here watching the place fill up. This is going to be crazy!! Check back with us in a few days for the whole story, and pictures (one of these will probably be Haircut in some ridiculous situation). Anyways, got to go sound-check…wish us luck!!

Keep it Golden,

Still Time

Hidden gem from Portland


a. Galactic
b. Venue cancelled moved to bbq
a. Dublin pub
b. Club 915

What’s happing! So currently we’re chillin’ in Ridgefield at our drummer John’s relative’s house, and so far, the first two weeks of the See America National Tour have been pretty sweet. Last weekend we visited Seattle for a few days, handing out our music, taking in the city and the Seattle music scene, and rocking out at a BBQ restaurant due to an unexpected turn of events.

On Friday we caught Galactic (a New Orlean’s jazz/funk group) at The Showbox, and got to meet the whole band afterwards. They put on a ridiculous show! Definitely catch those guys at some point if you can. It was John’s birthday, and Galactic’s drummer, Stanton Moore is one of his main influences—John was like a kid in a candy store for the entire night.

The next day was suppose to be our show at the Columbia City Theater, but twenty minutes before load-in, we got a call saying that they venue had been sold and our show was cancelled. But T-bone definitely saved the day by talking the owners of a local rib place, John’s BBQ, into letting us play. So instead of rocking out in a beautiful red brick theater, we packed the whole crew into this little restaurant, and everyone feasted on ribs and danced their butts off—Haircut even ate a rib during T-bone’s solo in “Old Soul”.

As for our traveling unit, the new RV has been a champ, despite a few issues. Our exhaust pipe cracked almost right off the bat, and every time we hit a hill the RV sounded like a muscle car rocketing down the road. But now that it’s fixed, you can actually have a conversation in the drivers seat.

The tour so far has been filled with awesome landscapes, amazing people, and some great shows–we’re all having the time of our lives and can’t wait to see what the next four months will bring. We’ll keep you updated as we go with all the inside info and tour shenanigans. Until our next crazy adventure, keep spreading the love!

Still Time

Some love at Pikes Place Market!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"High Tide" on Good Day Sacramento

"High Tide" makes it on to the news again thanks to OrigAudio! Here's the clip from Good Day Sacramento:

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Times SLO Article

Going Big!


Local super group Still Time plays one final show at Downtown Brew on Feb. 19 before they hit the road for four months of nationwide touring, where they’re expected to log upwards of 70 shows from New York to New Orleans, SXSW in Austin to the Pacific Northwest.

Throughout California, Still Time is among SLO’s most well known exports due to the band’s extensive West Coast touring, but they’re about to spread their reach to the nation with a four month, 70-plus date tour that will hit nearly every region of the continental United States! Holy cow, Batman!

It’s the natural progression for this feel good sextet that plays hook-laden, folk rock in the Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews vein. They’ve already been added to regular rotation on commercial radio stations in both SLO and Santa Barbara counties, and they’re extra hot in San Francisco, where big crowds show up for the concerts. On the verge of making it big, the group figures the final push—the thing that will prove to booking agents, record labels, and industry insiders that they’re a serious band with a serious work ethic—is a national tour.

They recently bought a 27-foot RV, which is being converted to sleep the six band members, two girlfriends, but not harmonica player T-Bone’s dog. There are limits, people!

“We all get along great,” said lead singer Dan Curcio, “but this tour is going to challenge that! It’s going to be crowded and smelly in there.”

Can these guys survive? Hell yes, they can! All but T-Bone has been with the band since it formed in the Cal Poly dorms six years ago. Most of the band members live together on a Cayucos compound, where they sleep in a yurt, a converted chicken coop, and a shed … a very nice shed, really!

Musically, they’ve got a sound that appeals to all ages, and over their years together, they’ve become increasingly talented players who continue to expand their musical boundaries by incorporating new sounds into their pop-inflected formula.

Next Friday, Feb. 19 at Downtown Brew (7:30 p.m.; all ages; $10 presale or $12 at the door) is your last chance to see them until they return to SLO County in summer. Kapakahi and Central Currency will open.

After this year, I predict you’ll see Still Time opening for some of its heroes, and soon after that, headlining their own national tour. Today San Luis, tomorrow the world!