Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rock Band Survival Guide 101: How to Survive a Jack Knifed Trailer McTwist

So, we are now back on the road after an extreme situation on the San Francisco 280. After an unintelligent driver cut across two lanes of fast moving traffic, Pablo was forced to bust out his ninja like reflexes and composure to regain contact between all four van wheels and the ground. Unfortunately, the trailer with all of the equipment didn't fair so well and ended up on it's side blocking lanes on the 280 for about an hour. Luckily T-bone convinced the tow truck driver to drag the trailer off the freeway on it's side to keep the internal damage to a minimum. Now, an hour and a half later, after multiple road-side repairs including but not limited to: tire replacement, sledge hammer hitch repair, wheel well removal and prying open the trailer door with a tow truck, we are on the road again with just a few minor injuries to the trailer and no injuries to our dome pieces.

Please stay tuned for pictures and live video footage of the incident......

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