Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend in the Bay Area

A little quick recap action of the past weekend in the bay area

Santa Clara – March 4th @ The Grove

Every once in a while the college lifestyle comes back in full force and someone (uh hem Haircut) goes a little extreme. Now we are all former college students (used to live in a doublewide on the 101 freeway) and a band on the road so cheap kegs, trashed couches, and cold pizza are nothing new to us, but Santa Clara has their own brand of college partying that takes us Still Time boys right back to our roots. While our credo is good time music and a party friendly message, the band as individuals and the music have evolved a bit past the partying to a little deeper place. The cool thing about our Santa Clara shows is these guys and girls know how to party and yet are deeply connected to the meanings behind our songs–this awareness leads to a sort of celebration of life that we’ve hoped to create from the days we started writing music. It’s an incredibly fun atmosphere to be a part of and the response we got form the crowd on this night in Santa Clara was unreal.

Haircut trying to recover from Santa Clara in the RV

SF – March 6th @ Maggie McGarry’s

Speaking of college days, the majority of our graduated fans out of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, who’ve been with us since our beginnings, now live in the Bay Area. This works out beautifully for us as we’re 3/4 NorCal boys and SF feels like home (as much as any city can feel like home.) When you’re in the city there’s something about SF that makes you feel like absolutely anything is possible that night. On this evening, (March 6th in North Beach) we had a great mix of old and new fans — great family and friends we’ve known for years and new fans seeing us for the first time. The vibe and energy of the crowd was amazing and it was clear how much our fans care about us and wish the best for us on this tour and beyond. We somehow fit over 300 people in the small North Beach bar and had 100+ in line waiting for over an hour for the chance to get in the door. Definitely another incredible night in the city — we love ya SF and can’t wait to see you in June!

Ironic sign in North Beach…

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