Friday, March 12, 2010


a. Galactic
b. Venue cancelled moved to bbq
a. Dublin pub
b. Club 915

What’s happing! So currently we’re chillin’ in Ridgefield at our drummer John’s relative’s house, and so far, the first two weeks of the See America National Tour have been pretty sweet. Last weekend we visited Seattle for a few days, handing out our music, taking in the city and the Seattle music scene, and rocking out at a BBQ restaurant due to an unexpected turn of events.

On Friday we caught Galactic (a New Orlean’s jazz/funk group) at The Showbox, and got to meet the whole band afterwards. They put on a ridiculous show! Definitely catch those guys at some point if you can. It was John’s birthday, and Galactic’s drummer, Stanton Moore is one of his main influences—John was like a kid in a candy store for the entire night.

The next day was suppose to be our show at the Columbia City Theater, but twenty minutes before load-in, we got a call saying that they venue had been sold and our show was cancelled. But T-bone definitely saved the day by talking the owners of a local rib place, John’s BBQ, into letting us play. So instead of rocking out in a beautiful red brick theater, we packed the whole crew into this little restaurant, and everyone feasted on ribs and danced their butts off—Haircut even ate a rib during T-bone’s solo in “Old Soul”.

As for our traveling unit, the new RV has been a champ, despite a few issues. Our exhaust pipe cracked almost right off the bat, and every time we hit a hill the RV sounded like a muscle car rocketing down the road. But now that it’s fixed, you can actually have a conversation in the drivers seat.

The tour so far has been filled with awesome landscapes, amazing people, and some great shows–we’re all having the time of our lives and can’t wait to see what the next four months will bring. We’ll keep you updated as we go with all the inside info and tour shenanigans. Until our next crazy adventure, keep spreading the love!

Still Time

Some love at Pikes Place Market!

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