Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rock Band Survival Guide 101: How to Survive a Jack Knifed Trailer McTwist

So, we are now back on the road after an extreme situation on the San Francisco 280. After an unintelligent driver cut across two lanes of fast moving traffic, Pablo was forced to bust out his ninja like reflexes and composure to regain contact between all four van wheels and the ground. Unfortunately, the trailer with all of the equipment didn't fair so well and ended up on it's side blocking lanes on the 280 for about an hour. Luckily T-bone convinced the tow truck driver to drag the trailer off the freeway on it's side to keep the internal damage to a minimum. Now, an hour and a half later, after multiple road-side repairs including but not limited to: tire replacement, sledge hammer hitch repair, wheel well removal and prying open the trailer door with a tow truck, we are on the road again with just a few minor injuries to the trailer and no injuries to our dome pieces.

Please stay tuned for pictures and live video footage of the incident......

Still Time

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New "See America" Album Review

Thank you so much to for an awesome review of our new album "See America".

Click here to see the review on review of "See America":

Reviews don't usually start out with a critique of the album art, however, this album art is excellent and intriguing and some of the best the has recently come around. That being said, the album should be expected to live up to the same expectations. Well, it does! On this album, Still Time, a young, regionally popular, roots rock band from northern California, delivers some of the best blues and soul infused rock of any independent act today. The album and band's sound can draw comparisons to Blues Traveler (especially the harmonica player) and DMB, and on this album they showcase the same type of energy that helped those bands achieve the success they currently enjoy. On songs like "Come Alive" and "Old Soul" you can feel the vibe and energy that is present in the early independent recordings or O.A.R. and Virginia Coalition, both having received national fame as a result. The lead singer sounds a lot like Will Hoge, and at times even a little like John Popper, while still remaining himself. Other standout tracks include the title track and "The Great Sea." With this album, the national stage is set for this up-and-coming band, and they could be one of the leaders of the next generation of great roots rock and jam bands.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Still Time wants to play at your house/event

So we're really excited to be heading up the Oregon and Washington Coast this week, July 15th-28th for some awesome shows and we’ll have a couple free days open in the Oregon/Washington area. This is only our second time visiting the beautiful Pacific Northwest, so our goal is to meet as many people as possible along the road.

Whether you're having a backyard BBQ, a small gathering with your closest friends and family, or a full blown house party it doesn't matter to us. We’ve played to a broad range of audiences in our day (i.e. all ages, 21+, birthday parties, day parties, acoustic shows, fundraising events, etc.) so, if you live in Oregon or Washington and have serious interest in having us play at your event please email us here: and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please include in your email: your name, phone number, short event description, estimated # of attendees and suggested date.

We'd really appreciate the opportunity to play to you and your friends and continue getting our music out there so please don't hesitate to e-mail and we'll hope to see ya soon.

Monday, June 29, 2009

New "See America" Album Review

Much thanks to our good friend Cowboy Surfer for the awesome review he published of our new album "See America" on the Music Industry News Network website.

Click here to read the article

Monday, June 1, 2009

SLO Gathering featured in New Times

Check out this article about SLO Gathering in the SLO New Times. Much thanks to Glen Starkey for writing the article.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Band Together 2 Charity Compilation Album

We were recently featured on the benefit album "Band Together 2" which was released by The Fender Music Foundation. Those featured on this album, including rock and pop artists in the United States, the UK, Canada and Australia, were chosen through a month-long contest on where members of the site voted and narrowed the field to fifty finalists and a judging panel chose the final tracklist. All proceeds from sale of "Band Together 2", which is available through iTunes and, will support music education programs.
We love having the opportunity to use our music to give back and "Band Together 2", along with the upcoming May 29th benefit event "SLO Gathering" are just a couple of ways that we're able to do this.

Please do your best to support both of these causes! They are extremely dear to our hearts.

Friday, May 22, 2009

SLO Gathering


Still Time and friends are proud to announce the first annual SLO Gathering, taking place on May 29th in Mission Plaza. TICKETS: FREE!!! This fundraiser will be giving 100% of the proceeds to the San Luis Obispo Food Bank. We'll be joined onstage by our good friends Forrest Day. So come join us for some great music, and to support a great cause! The event is from 5 - 9pm.

"See America" is available NOW!

Hi All,
The day has finally arrived.....Still Time's much anticipated second album "See America" is now available! You can get ahold of it through our website through iTunes, or at Boo Boo Records in SLO and other select record stores.

We've put every waking moment of our lives over the past six months into this album and it means everything to us that you are supporting our passion and our dream. We have very little money to promote this album, so now it is up to you to spread the word. Organize listening parties, invite everyone you know to this event, burn it for friends and family, convince people to go to our concerts who have never seen us before, run down the street naked with "See America" sharpied on you chest. We love making music, and more importantly we love making it for you. We live to see people laugh, dance, kiss, scream, and cry at our shows-it's our job to create happiness for you all, the people we know and love. And we love our job, but the only way we'll be able to continue doing this is if you help spread the word. Thank you for supporting us, and we hope to see you soon at our upcoming shows!

"See America" reveals a distinct progression of our classic sound. In order to capture the right feel for each song we wrote and recorded "See America" in multiple locations throughout the West Coast including an abandoned boxcar on the coast of Oregon, a forrest in the hills of Santa Cruz, an empty mansion in San Francisco, and an after hours bar in San Luis Obispo. The album was then mixed by Grammy Award winning engineer Fred Vogler, at the world famous Ocean Way Studios in Hollywood, California. We can't wait for you to hear what we've put together for you and we hope you love it!

Click here to buy the physical CD:

Click here for iTunes:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Exclusive Free Album Preview!

Want to hear our new album "See America" before it even comes out? Then tune into our myspace page everyday between May 12th - 18th to listen to the whole album for free! We'll stream 2-3 songs per day in album order. Here's a list of what tracks we'll stream each day:

May 12th: "The Fortune" & "Come Alive"

May 13th: "Old Soul" & "The Great Sea"

May 14th: "Tedd the Monster" & "The Girl I've Always Loved"

May 15th: "27" & "Class & Style"

May 16h: "The Broken Sounds" & "Rising From the Ashes"

May 17th: "See America" & "Where No Man Has Been"

May 18th: "Sunday Mornings", "Bigger, Better Things" & "Day Will Come"

Only two days left to Pre-Order "See America"!

The albums are in the mail right now! Can you almost taste them? "Cause we can...and it tastes good. Don't think about this pre-order as "paying" with "money" for an album and t-shirt..think of it as an investment in happiness. Still not interested? At least visit the link below to check out some preview videos about "See America" and info about the CD release shows.

"See America" Official Website:

"See America" Pre-Order:

Also, today is my birthday. If you are thinking about buying me a birthday present....don't do our album instead.

Still Time

"See America" Website Up and Running!

Now you can get all of your "See America" info on one website! CD Release show info and tickets, preorder info, show posters, videos, and more! Just click the link below:

"See America" Official Website

Still Time Cinco de Mayo House Party!

Do you own a sombrero? Do you have a belt equipped to hold a cool cerveza? Then you should probably make your way down to San Diego tonight for a raging Cinco de Mayo house party.

5568 Mary Lane Dr.

San Diego, CA 92115

Pre-Order Still Time's New Album "See America" Now!

Click Here to Pre-Order Still Time's New Album "See America" Now!

That's right, the album is at a factory in Texas RIGHT NOW being printed! But if you can't wait until May 19th to pick up a copy you can Pre-Order the album now and get "See America" before anyone else does...but wait there's more! Act now and get a free "See America" T-Shirt! But wait again, there's even more! If you buy within the next 20 minutes you will receive a custom bobble head of one of the band members (limit one per customer)! I'm just kidding about that last part...although I wish I wasn't. Anyways, $12 will get you the CD, T-Shirt, and we'll mail you it as soon as we get it pack from the factory. We're very excited with how the album turned out, and we can't wait to hear what you guys think.

Click Here to Pre-Order Still Time's New Album "See America" Now!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Listen to 3 New Songs on April 10th!

Our new album, "See America", is done! Woo hoo! Count it! End zone victory dance! And now that it's finished we need to pick a single, but we're having a hard time figuring out what song to use. So we thought, why don't we just have our fans decide? So from April 10th to April 12th we will be streaming the 3 songs that we think are the contenders to be the single for "See America": Tedd the Monster, Old Soul, and Come Alive. After you listen to the songs please let us know what you think by posting a comment on our myspace or sending an email to: We're very stoked on how the album turned out, and we can't wait to share it with everyone!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Still Time featured in Wired Magazine Blog

Check out this interview with the CEO of Republic Project, Still Time's new digital music distributor:

Friday, February 20, 2009

"See America" Recording Update 1

The DeSoto and Garden St. Sessions

This is the first installment of the album newsletter, which we began writing as a way to include you in our creative processes and experiences during the recording of this next album. We started writing the music for "See America" (album title) in June of 2008. And I think a very interesting detail about the actual songwriting is that it was done in a variety of places, ranging from under Santa Cruz mountain redwoods, to inside abandoned rusty boxcars in Oregon. One aspect that definitely comes across in these songs, is our growth as band working to solidify its true sound. The songwriting process has really pushed us all to work together creatively, and I think we've reached the richest combination yet of our collective musical influences.

The recording philosophy for the next album has changed a bit from our last release "Stream of Consciousness" (2007), mainly as a result of our experiences playing shows over the last year. For this album we wanted to recreate the energy and emotion of a live show, which is really the root of our inspiration and drive to play music. So instead of heading straight back into the studio to record, we decided to grab our gear and put ourselves into some more "mojo friendly" environments.

Right after the first of the year, the band spent a week in San Francisco, recording on DeSoto St., in the Ingleside neighborhood; a really cool place to walk around for a bit if you ever have the chance. The house we recorded at belongs to our drummer John's family, who told us that Sly and the Family Stone actually lived down the street from them back in the 70's. They used to see limos driving to and from Sly's house, taking the band to shows, etc. So getting into the recording session that week, you definitely felt a little bit of history in the air.

We tracked the majority of the acoustic work in the house dinning room, which has this fantastic, almost eerie sound to it, making you feel like you're playing music in a cave or definitely a room twice its size. The song "Class and Style" (which you'll hear on the new album) was actually written in that dining room while the band was touring this past fall. Hence, we decided it should probably be recorded in the same place.

It was really inspiring to live, eat, and breathe music for that week. Not that we don't anyways, but being able to wake up, have a cup of coffee while looking out onto a hillside of cypress trees and classic San Francisco houses, and then pick up a guitar and record a song-it seemed like such a fluid and natural progression, like music was suppose to happen there. I think practicing and recording can become a part of a schedule sometimes, like something that needs to be "done". And one thing we've realized about the music is that great music is created almost by accident, when the inspiration isn't forced.

After we got back from SF, we set up shop at Downtown Brew (our favorite venue on Garden St. in San Luis Obispo) to track the majority of the electric side of the album. "DTB" as we call it, is the first midsize venue we ever played as a band, and the site of some of our most epic shows. The room is pretty dimly lit, with exposed brick walls and a series of painting of great artists (like Bob Marley, and Iggy Pop) that give the place a really cool vibe. For us, the room brings a lot of comfort because we're so familiar with it, but also a sense of performance from all the shows we've played there.

We set up all the equipment in the middle of the room, and tracked the songs live (which means we recorded the songs while all of us played at the same time). We didn't know at first, but apparently you can hear the music like a block or two away. And every so often we'd hear a cheer from outside after we finished playing, or people would ask us about a song while we got coffee across the street. It's interesting because, not only do we bring this amazing live energy to the session, but by recording in such a public area, we get to connect with the community and include them in the creative process.

Feel free to email us with any questions you have about the new record. And be sure to check out some of the videos from the Downtown Brew sessions here:

Click here to view pictures from the DeSoto St. sessions

Still Time featured in DEEP Magazine

Central Coast surf magazine DEEP was on hand for the Firefighters Quest for Burn Victims show at Stateside in Santa Barbara this past November. Check out the article here:

DEEP Magazine January Issue

(After opening the link scroll to the right, and in the Table of Contents tab click "Music". Or just scroll to page 29.)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Stream of Consciousness" is album of the week on

German based music download website CultureLoad has named "Stream of Consciousness" their album of the week. Check out the website here:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Album Preview Show Article in New Times

Check out this article written by Glen Starkey of the SLO New Times about our Jan. 10th show: