Sunday, May 10, 2009

Exclusive Free Album Preview!

Want to hear our new album "See America" before it even comes out? Then tune into our myspace page everyday between May 12th - 18th to listen to the whole album for free! We'll stream 2-3 songs per day in album order. Here's a list of what tracks we'll stream each day:

May 12th: "The Fortune" & "Come Alive"

May 13th: "Old Soul" & "The Great Sea"

May 14th: "Tedd the Monster" & "The Girl I've Always Loved"

May 15th: "27" & "Class & Style"

May 16h: "The Broken Sounds" & "Rising From the Ashes"

May 17th: "See America" & "Where No Man Has Been"

May 18th: "Sunday Mornings", "Bigger, Better Things" & "Day Will Come"

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